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M.L. POE - The Hidden Door



  • ISBN 978-606-8003-40-5
  • Anul apariției: 2016
    Format: 130x200 mm
    Număr pagini: 116
    Tip copertă: broșată

    Site oficial:  http://mlpoe.com/book/hidden-door/#
    Varianta e-book pentru iPad, iPhone sau Mac la: https://itunes.apple.com/mt/book/the-hidden-door/id953423648?mt=11

  • Short description:
  • There are a lot of things creepy, crawling underneath your house. Most of them, you probably suspect are there. Others you don’t wanna know are there. And you probably couldn’t believe your eyes if you saw them. At least, that’s what Sarah felt, when she discovered the Gate Keeper way beneath her house floor.
  • We believe such a creature can only exist in fantasy movies. But for Sarah, he was as real as it gets. And he wasn’t there to scare her. Quite the contrary. He was there to save her. Save her from an unwanted life that she ended up living as a result of the choices she made. But now, she can change everything. Sarah can see what her life could have been like, if only she had chosen differently. All she needs to do is go through that hidden door.

I am a lover of good food, books, and movies. But, above all, I am a lover of music. I find inspiration in music when I write. I think music is what makes a scene in a movie memorable. The right music makes cooking fun, and eating an even better experience than it is on its own. I have a musical memory, so I usually find a musical correspondent for the most important events in my life.

While writing this book, there were a lot of songs playing in the back of my head. Inspiring me. This is how my book turned from scattered ideas to a complete story, with beginning, middle, and end. And chapters, of course. Each one named after a song. As a thank you for the inspiration music gives me every day.